From David Andrews and Tristram Hooley

The Careers Leader Handbook

Being a careers leader is about taking responsibility for the careers programme within your school or college. This is a big job and it is often one that people will begin with little training or experience. Drawing on the authors’ own extensive experience of careers work, this book will provide you with everything that you need to know to lead effectively and develop your role and expertise.

Highly practical and lively, it sets out the role of the careers leader in a comprehensive and systematic way. Based around the Gatsby Benchmarks, it offers practical advice and ideas on what constitutes a good careers programme and what your role is as a careers leader. It also gives you plentiful resources and tools – both in the book, and on this supporting companion website – to support you to plan, develop and maintain an outstanding careers programme.

Whether you are already a careers leader, about to become one, or are involved in the training of future careers leaders, this is the book for you!

“I want careers leaders to become a well-defined professional group with the respect and the networks of exchange and support that every strong profession has. This book is an important step towards that goal.”

Sir John Holman